I'd Like to Solve Please!

I'm just going to say it. My mom has a real problem. She's a game show junkie. Ever since I was little and stayed at home with her, she'd be flipping through channels to get to her favorites. Even now, with the help of the Game Show Network, she will watch and rewatch some oldies but goodies.

Sadly, I have inherited this gene. Being on a game show is a must at some point in my life. Now that I'm working from home, I find myself flipping through to be sure and have Price is Right and Let's Make a Deal on in the other room, so I can at least hear what great deals people are making!! Game shows aren't what they used to be though, so I thought I'd reminisce about some of my all time favorites.

1. Match Game: yes, I'm guilty of still watching this one on GSN. Folks like Richard Dawson, Charles Nelson Reilly, and Brett Somers made it a great show. I still get a kick out of many of their questions, and even more so now that I'm older and have more of a wandering mind.....'Susie loves to put BLANK on her BLANK' Ha.

2. Wheel of Fortune: not now, then when I was home with my mom. How many of you remember the original, when you'd win money then they would spin around this big lazy susan type set where you'd choose what you wanted to spend your winnings on? "I'll take the porcelain dalmation for a thousand, and the pink gravy boat for two hundred." 

3. Win, Lose, or Draw: of course the celebrity panel made this show great. I love so many of the people that were on it, but mostly Richard Simmons made it fun. Burt Reynolds didn't hurt either. I can't picture today's celebrities being that fun and close to average joes to draw some silly pictures and help them win money.

4. Scrabble: while I do not enjoy playing the game of Scrabble, I did enjoy the tv version. Chuck Woolery is a game show icon, and this was a goodie. I love the sound made when a tile was trying to fit into a word, I wish I could spell it like I hear it but just can't.

5. Remote Control: not a typical game show, but if you were part of our generation and watched MTV it sure was. The great Ken Ober made it fun, in his basement, having people answer questions about pop culture, and enjoy some great walk-ins by some now pretty famous people. I always loved the grand prize round when someone was strapped down and spun and had to guess what videos were being played. Good times.

6. Card Sharks:
absolutely on the top of my list. So mindless if you really think about it, just saying 'higher' and 'lower' for a card and getting lucky. But I still really loved this one.

Of course there were plenty more I loved, but those are my top contenders by far. The original Let's Make a Deal, Classic Concentration, Bumper Stumpers, Joker's Wild, Press Your Luck, and more made my days at home with mom more fun and challenging. Now my older son is enjoying some of the newer game shows, and I know someday he'll be reminiscing about his favorites too.


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