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Sad Ass Christmas Songs.

Bah Humbug! Now I know I can't be the only person that feels this way. Christmas has gone from the best day of the year with so much family piled into the house that you can't breathe, to omg is it over yet? Maybe it has come with age for me, maybe it's being so far away from family year round, maybe it's the fact that it's always Christmas in my house, who knows. Whatever it is though, I can tell you nothing can make the Humbugging worse than some sad ass Christmas songs. So in no particular order I thought I'd share a few of my favorites. Why six? No good reason other than these are the ones that came right to mind.
Blue Christmas by Elvis
This cd has been a staple in my life forever. I have a special place in my heart for Elvis, so his holiday stuff is no different. This one is somber, catchy, and bluesy.
Same Old Lang Syne by Dan Fogelberg At least 90% of my friends can relate to this song whether they want to admit it or not. To bump into someone, usually whe…

Pack Your Crap....You've Outstayed Your Welcome.

I'm so over you. I'm so over you that I'm already looking ahead. I'm counting the days until I can be rid of you for good.
I didn't want you at the beginning, and I definitely don't want you now. You've been a headache since day one. You've been sucky to me. I've had to wake up to you day after day. You've been hot and cold and everything in between. I've had to revolve my life around your calendar.
I can't get rid of you fast enough, even though I've been trying for months now. I've been as patient as possible, but we all know I'm not a patient Mama.
So pack your bags 2010*. You have sixteen days to get out of my life. Don't expect any postcards from me.

* What did you think I was talking about? ;)

A Sweet Kiss of Chocolate

A whole, roasted hazelnut atop of whipped chocolate filling, hugged by a generous portion of dark chocolate. Sound tempting? IT IS! Perugina(now Nestle) Baci are hands down my favorite little treat at this time of year.
Baci are available throughout the year these days, but are much more accessible around the holidays. Individually wrapped in a silver foil, and each contain a small piece of paper. What is written on the paper is not a fortune, but rather a love note. Quotes about love and relationships. Thoughts to ponder as you bite into this heavenly piece of chocolate. Here's some examples of what you might find:
There is no instinct like that of the heart. ~G. Byron
Kisses kept are wasted; Love is to be tasted. ~E.V. Cooke
Every great love begins with a kiss ~Anonymous
I usually get a box when I go home and hit my favorite bakery in the world. But nowadays they are easier to come by, and sometimes I stumble upon them right here in the middle of nowhere! So if you're looking fo…

My Coffee Partner in Crime.

Flashback to early 2007. I'm climbing the biggest mountain of my life: trying to balance the boys and home life, a possibility of going back to work, getting my son much needed services, dealing with some family issues in NY, and being sick. Having no one local to lean on I wasn't sure what to do, and honestly was a bit sad about it.
Being in a different place and making new friends was tricky. Especially mommy friends. Now I was not only looking for friends that I have things in common with, but that our kids get along. Ugh, great, a new dynamic on an already difficult task. Then the icing on the cake, I have a child that is not typical, and I weed out yet another handful of potential friends as they turn out to be ignorant.
K, so back to my flashback. 2007. Made a few mommy friends, but eh, it was more about the kids than me. I guess that's just how it goes and was ready to make peace with that. But then one day, I was in the basement listening to my older one playing an…