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I'm here, I'm here!

I wish I could show you my office desk right now, but I'm too afraid to even touch anything no less take a picture. This wedding invitation stuff is no joke. 
Oh, did I just say wedding? Ya, that's where I've been for the last month. Planning for some super fun nuptials in September! So many words can describe the hecticness I am experiencing, but I'm sure most of you can already imagine. I don't know how some gals spend over a year(and a year's paycheck!) planning a wedding. I'm pretty sure I have it all in check, and am being very conscious of time, money, kids, etc., but of course being a freak for details it gets tricky at times. 
Stay tuned for updates when I actually remember to do so! I am trying to get as much done as I can before school starts to ease that last minute pressure :)



Double digits!

Can it really be? My baby is 10? just doesn't seem possible. Ten years ago I only saw 4th of July fireworks from a hospital window. Ten years ago I was just a girl who wanted a baby more than anything in life, not knowing what an emotional roller coaster it would be. Ten years ago I wasn't even half the woman I am now, because nothing has ever made me grow up or evolve more than having Chris. Ten years ago I didn't know how great life would be ten years later.
Chris is an amazing young man, with an incredibly bright future ahead. I know I sometimes expect way too much from him, but its hard not to knowing how absorbent and grand his brain is. He has dreams of being a marine biologist, magician, and the guy who cures cancer. Whatever his path and life, may he be happy and healthy throughout his journey.
Happy 10th Birthday, Christopher. I hope today is a great start to your year ahead! xoxo

OMG.... You get up SO early!

I hear that comment all the time. Have since I was young actually. I was never the gal that slept my day away. My parents got up early, so it just became habit. But with the habit came some clarity of why people get up early.
To me, the early hours are the best, most important part of the day. Sure it's coffee time on the porch, but its also bonding time with the family. My guy leaves for work at 7, so that one or two hours before he leaves is a time to relax before the hurry, talk, and watch nature from the porch together. We have some of our best conversations at 5am when we are recharged!
And my boys. They are early risers for sure, since they were born. Our early morning hours together are lovely. They are still quiet from just waking, and not fighting. But they are also so sweet, and cuddly. We might watch tv in bed, hang on the porch, or just sit at the dining room table. Wherever we are, it's our time of day to really connect.
Spending that extra time together also sets ev…