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A Household Favorite

So many games have been purchased, opened, and put on a shelf to collect dust in this house. But not this one. I stumbled onto it at least 3 or 4 years ago, and even today we played for almost an hour with it. I'm not even sure if it's made anymore, but wanted to share.
Let me take you back for a second. Back to when my Alex played with nothing. NOTHING. Sure he'd fly his reindeer around and sing, but as far as toys went, we were stumped every birthday and holiday. So part of my being a stay at home mom job was wandering the aisles of Target, ToyRUs, or anywhere else there may be that something he'd play with. This came in a fun package, was reasonably priced, and certainly worth a try!
Now don't get me wrong, Alex certainly didn't take to it right away, but from a mom/teacher perspective, it was a great toy. I love toys that have multiple uses. I knew the therapists would love it too. It's meant to be a simple game of Memory. It comes with 10 animals that co…

Whispering Sanity

As the boys get older, I realize more and more how little they listen. Not hear, LISTEN. It's an amazing thing that selective hearing. I'm not even sure I could do it. To intentionally hear but not hear someone...well that's a true gift.
Anyway, as time has gone on, I've tried a few things to get this bad habit to stop. If I was yelling firmly telling the boys something, I'd make sure they were looking me straight in the eye. Well, eventually they were looking through me. Then I'd have them repeat what I said, and that was like playing Operator when you're about 10, it's never the same the second time around. But then, then I figured it out. Hush.
No, not you hush, me. I simply whispered. It not only confused the hell out of them, but made them think I was so nutty they just had to hear what I had to say. Sure, just because I said something, they didn't always follow the directions, but they heard me. Yay for no ear doctor appointments, THEY HEAR ME!!

Toughen Up Girlie.

Once again, thank you Shazam. I often find myself half listening to the radio lately, which is sad. I love music. I live for music. But when a million things are going on in life at once, it takes a backseat. But anyway, that's the bestest part of Shazam. I can remind myself to re-listen to a new song, remember to download a great oldie, or just use it to check out some lyrics. The song I recently Shazam'd was new, intriguing, and right on the money. Life....well.....too much for one blog post at the moment, but some days I feel like this song. Then there are the days that are one step forward, three steps back. Those are actually the more common days right now. But for me, to even have one day a week where I feel ahead of the game, well that's enough for me. See, here's where that 'baby steps' comes in again. If I didn't live by that motto, I would have cracked long ago.....
A Little Bit Stronger by Sara EvanasWoke up late today, and I could still feel the s…

Holy Bananas...Where Does the Time Go?

Hello blog world!! Life has been upside down to say the least over the last few months. I've enjoyed my yarny life and have learned so, so much. I never thought I would become a knitter, always a crocheter at heart. Well I'm here to say that I love knitting! It creates such beautiful finished products, and while it does take some getting used to switching to use of 2 needles, it's so worth the aggravation. I've made some fun little projects, and get a little braver each time. I'm currently on a pair of socks.
In other life news, the boys and I are doing fine and gearing up for the holiday season. Their Christmas lists change and grow each week, so eventually I'll just have to tell them that Santa has reached quota and all future requests will be rejected. One can only shop so much!
I've missed blogging and am ready to get back into the swing of things. I've missed alot of things steps, right?!?!