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Bored of Being Bored.

I have a vivid memory in my head from when my niece was about 6 years old(she's 21 now!). We were up at the Cape Cod house, having a lazy day as usual, and she sang: "I'm bored, I'm so bored. I'm B-O-A-R-D bored!" So cute. But now, on a daily basis, I hear a similar tune. Every. Day. 
I'm bored. I have nothing to do. What should I do? I'm SO bored. Today is boring. There's nothing to do.
ACK! Why, oh why, don't kids realize how wonderful the gift of time is? Of course for myself, to have shh time, to do crafts all day, to watch the news, to even have the extra minutes to deep condition my hair in the shower, would all be a blessing. But instead, I hear the complaints, all day every day, and then the fighting which comes hand in hand with it. 
I guess I assumed that having 2 children would give them the opportunity to always have someone to play with. Wrong-o! It just makes it easier to always have someone to fight with! Fail. I know some people that mak…

August brings September, brings school!

Don't you just love those Staples commercials where the parents are dancing and singing as they buy school supplies? That's how I feel around this time of year. Sure I get a little sad for myself not working in a physical school building, but yay for my boys getting back to school soon! I know there are those of you that are saying it's only July, and how lovely it is to be summer. But if you are like me, with the kids home all day, every day, and spend every moment with them without a break......well then, you too are counting the minutes until school starts!
I'm done buying their school clothes and backpacks, and today we will tackle sneakers. The only good thing best thing about our school, is that they supply everything the boys need in class. Even last year when I sent one of them in with a cool folder, it was sent home because it wasn't the one they use. Strange indeed, but hey, it saves me money! I still buy my fair share of school supplies though, at 25 cent…