May 31, 2011

Everyday Etiquette.

I had what we will call a little 'incident' this morning. I told a woman something, and her reaction was hands cupped to mouth, gasps, and teary pity eyes. All I could think was 'man, she could have at least pretended to react better.' It made me think about something a bit unrelated, but I still thought it would make for a good post!

A while back I wrote about 'Annoying People', and this post today has the same underlying tone. Etiquette is something that has been lost on many people. Sometimes you hear the word 'etiquette' and think table manners or something like that, but there's more to it. It's a social norm of behavior that's unwritten. Some people may need some etiquette help. It's not that they are rude(sometimes), it's just that they have no consideration. Or they don't think. Or they don't know better. Whatever the case may be, here's to those who could try a bit harder.

#1. If you're coming in or out of a store, the rule is stay to the right. If I'm coming out, and starting to push on the right door, don't stand there waiting to come in after I 'open the door for you'. There's a handle on that door to your right, grab and use it lazy.

#2. If the line is long and I'm in it with you, don't find that a reason to talk to me. If I don't know you, I don't want to talk to you. (this one might not be etiquette, but still bugs me lol)

#3. Turning? Thinking of turning? Waiting for a parking space? For the love of god, use your blinker. 

#4. If there's a pregnant woman within reach, that does NOT give you free reign to touch, rub, and ask a million questions. Especially the touch part.

#5. Don't scream at your kid in public. Or you, lady I saw the other day, don't pull her hair. I don't want to hear it, and I definitely don't want to have to step in, but I will.

#6. If you pull into a 'handicapped' parking spot, and stick your little sign up on your rearview mirror, your ass best get out of that car looking sickly. Otherwise you are wasting a perfectly good spot for someone that truly needs it. 

#7. Back to driving...the courtesy wave goes a long way...

#8. Guys, if you see a gal struggling with something...carrying bags, lifting a box, HELP HER. Even if you don't plan on getting her number, it sure would be a sweet gesture.

#9. Don't spit on the ground where I or my children may walk. Gross.

#10. My favorite. SAY THANK YOU. Especially if I purchase something at your store. "Thank you! Have a great day!" Not really complicated words, but they go a long way. And don't forget, my buying at your store keeps your job going. So it wouldn't be the worst thing you said all day ;)

I have more but I'll save them for another grumbly day!

May 24, 2011

My Award Goes To......

In an attempt to find something different to do in BlogLand, I'm going to make up my own version of something I saw a while back. I'm going to give out awards. Today is my first award 'ceremony', and I'd like to bestow the Stylish Blogger Award to my friend Allison over at Lipgloss Lounge. Allison, please accept my silly award, tell the readers a thing or two about your style do/don'ts, and pass it along to another fashionable friend.

Allison is a gal after my own heart. Not only is she a fashionista that keeps up on today's trends, but she does it without overpaying for beauty. A combination I love and admire. Shoes, bags, manicures, hair accessories, and cute skirts are just some of the many things you can learn about from Allison. 

So head on over to find out what your personal style is lacking!

May 15, 2011

'Turn' the day around for some giggles!

My mind is ALWAYS going. Probably why I don't sleep all that much. But lately it's usually just thinking of things to do with the boys. Fun, inexpensive things that will create some great memories for them. So today, Backwards Day was born.

I sometimes make chocolate chip pancakes for dinner since I know they both like them. With a side of bacon. Simple and filling, score. So as I thought of making that for tonight, I realized breakfast would be at dinner time, so why not dinner at breakfast time? They came downstairs and the first thing I asked was, "what kind of ice cream would you like? Whipped cream and sprinkles too?" They looked at me like I really lost my mind this time.

But once I explained my plan they were right there with me. They had heaping bowls of ice cream with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles as we waited for the pizza to cook. Then they had two slices each and a glass of soda. It's now 8:30am and they are very full. I'm sure the rest of the day won't be as eventful as the totally silly breakfast, but I did what I set out to do. Hear them laugh, see them have fun, and make a memory, and perhaps even a new tradition.

Next weekend I think we will picnic on the porch.

May 14, 2011

If I could talk to me again.

Did you see the video floating around this week to talk to your younger self about skin cancer? It was wonderfully done, and it made me ask myself what I'd say to my younger self if I had the chance. Nothing deep, nothing about future predictions. Just life at that age. Here it is.

Dear 16 year old me,

You and your friends should try a bit less hairspray. Try to be nicer to the other cliques of girls in school, even though you are in one of the more known bitchier cliques. It won't matter years later who you hung out with most, it will matter who you were kindest to. If they are real friends,  you will continue to be friends with them 10/20/30 years down the line.

Don't dump boy #1 for boy #2. Boy #2 will cause you unnecessary heartache and pain, and even many years after high school still make you regret your decision. Boy #1 becomes a great friend despite the mess, so appreciate that friendship.

The job you have now is the best job you'll ever have. Enjoy every minute. I really think  it strengthens your interpersonal skills and helps to prepare you for your work with fellow teachers and parents.

Spend more time with your grandparents. You'll regret it later if you don't. Give them a call, stop in for a visit, and ask lots of questions about their lives.There's no better gift to give your kids than family stories.

I know you take lots of pictures, but just put them in albums. Don't rip them up after a friendship or relationship is over, don't toss them as you get older. They are a great way to look back, share with your kids, reminisce about good times. 

Keep a journal. Not a diary with your deepest, darkest secrets, just some everyday info a few times a week. Your memories start to fade after about 10 years or so.

Continue to not smoke or doing drugs. You'll be very grateful in the long run that you made that right choice, especially as you watch a few friends spiral out of control.

Mom and Dad really are doing everything for your own good. It's tough love, and you will do it with your own boys when you get older.(yes, 2 boys!)

I have lots more to tell you, but you are still young and I don't want to overwhelm you with the bigger stuff in life. Just enjoy every minute. Don't wish it away :)

Love, me