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Mahna Mahna

It's been so long since I've posted that I didn't realize Blogger has a new layout! Sorry :/
Life has been a bit hectic the last 6 weeks. School started for the boys. School started for me. I switched positions. I hardly come up for air during the day. I forget to make dinner sometimes. I think you get the point!
One (important) thing I am keeping up on however, is the Million Puppet March! It was to be called the Million Muppet March, but to be sensitive to all puppets from all walks of life, they have changed the name. On November 3rd, Washington DC will be overwhelmed by puppets in support of public broadcasting. Sock puppets, marionettes, finger puppets, and more will be lining the streets. I sadly will not be able to attend, but am trying to be a voice and do my part in this important cause.
Ok, we all know I love(LOVE) puppets, but this is a tad far fetched. I have lots to say on politics, so I say nothing at all. This is funny as hell though, so I'm definitely…