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Am I Eating Because I'm Bored?

I love food. Lots of food. There I said it. I don't feel bad, I don't want to step on a scale, and I don't care that my jeans hardly fit.
Well, I say that today anyway. Tomorrow I'm sure will be a different story as it always is. I worked very hard last year to get to the weight I am at, but with everything going on in life I tend to stress-eat, thus the pretty new jeans I bought are currently a no-go.
So what's a girl to do? Stop getting stressed so I'll stop eating? Impossible. Throw out the Oreos? Gosh, I had a hard enough time typing that no less actually throw them out.
Or accept myself as I am right now and realize that this is just a bump in the road. Yea, that sounds like the best option. Not sure how long this bump will last, or how many peanut chews I will eat from now until I'm over the bump. But I do know that this too shall pass, and if cookies is the way over, around, down, or through, then please, by all means, pour me a glass of milk to dunk i…

Tell Me Again Why You Send Them to Catholic School?

I hear this on at least a weekly basis. Yes, it's 25 minutes away from our home. Yes there's a public school about 6 minutes away. Yes, I have one child in each school and bounce around constantly. But if you never went to, or don't have kids in Catholic(or just private) school, then you really just can't understand! Today was a day when I was reminded why.
Sure sure, they learn religion, go to church, come out as lovely, respectful, moral human beings. But they also gain some lifelong friendships, and are part of a large family. I always find in public that there's so many kids and families, you get lost and too often become just a number in the system. In private, all families know each other, the whole school of teachers knows almost every child in the school by name. If a child needs help with a subject or needs some enrichment, it's not ten people's worth of red tape to get through, it just gets done. Have a problem? Just walk into the office and talk t…

Tick. Tock.

Where does the time go? I look at my last post and see it's over 20 days ago. What the heck? Where have I been? What's so important in life that I don't have time to be here for a few minutes a day? lol. Tons, but I am back:)
My thoughts for today revolves around a saying that I don't care for. There are many sayings I don't care for, but this one is up there on the list.
Time Heals All Wounds.
Says who? Where did that come from? Who decided this huge thing? How does the passing of days, weeks, or even months make something better? Is the something being replaced? Simply forgotten about? I feel like what is being said is, 'hey, sit back and relax, soon enough you won't be sad.' I've had a few things happen in life that I can truly say have not been healed by time. Maybe the person that came up with the concept decided he/she just needed to tell him/herself something to look forward to.
I'd love to hear some feedback on why people actually think this…