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Gone But Not Forgotten.

I loves me some great TV. Sadly, it's been said before that I have the black thumb of TiVo. Kinda like the green thumb of gardening, only black because of my ability to choose crap shows to TiVo. Correction. They are not crap to me, some I really enjoy. But, any time I set a season pass for a show(records all of the episodes for those of you non TiVo'ers), before I know it the show goes off the air ! I went to check out my season passes the other day, and noticed that area of my account is overflowing with cancellations. I refuse to delete them.....just in case.
Today I wanted to take a few minutes to share with you some of my fallen shows. Some were fantastic and are missed terribly. Others, well, I should have known better than to get to attached.
1. Passions - Oh crappy, corny soap opera. You left too soon as Tribes did, and were the first of many fallen soaps. You gave me that little amount of time each day to completely check out of reality, and for that I thank you.
2. The …

I fooled my 6 year old.

Fooling a child is much more difficult than it sounds. I know there are some moms that blend up veggies and sneak them in foods, but my boys always spit it out...they just know. This time though, I got the little one right where I want him. Over something so ridiculous. Water.
I know kids prefer sugary juices and fun drinks, but my kids never really had those to begin with. Juice was always cut in half with water when they were little, and now only drink Crystal Lite and diet sodas. So what is the big deal with water? The little one just refuses to drink it. Nope, I don't like water. It's yucky. Forget it, I'm not thirsty. SERIOUSLY?
But, I had a revelation. One drop, just one, of food coloring into the clear glass of water, and you know what? That little boy drank it up, just figuring it was a weak blueberry juice. HA HA GOT YOU. Yup, I sound mean, but it's a game, a full-blown mind game, that I lose too often. Well not this time. 
Yes, I know some will say food colorin…

Be Aware of Autism :)

Can't even tell you the last time I blogged. Sorry about that. Ideas have been swirling in my head, it's just finding the time to type them out!
I can't go the whole month without recognizing April as Autism Awareness Month. The saddest thought for me, is that when looking back at a post I wrote last year at this time, statistics showed 1 in 110 children would be diagnosed with Autism. Today? 1 in 88. Double digits people. 
Now more than ever, people should be looking for warning signs. Red flags.  Be aware. I'm by no means an expert, by my suggestion is AS EARLY AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. Of course there's no great research to back my thoughts, and still no known cure for Autism, but that early period of time, when you as a parent have a gut feeling, that is a crucial time. A window that is cracked open a tiny, tiny bit. You as a strong, persistent parent, can stick your fingers through that opening, then your whole hand, then your arm to lift that window. I'm getting…