June 19, 2012

A quick, FUN treat to make!

A few weeks ago at a meeting, we were overwhelmed with TONS of food. But instead of the fancy salads and dips, I gravitated towards these tiny, but oh-so-yummy bites of heaven. They are simple to make, cheap, and easy. Just a word of caution though....they are almost impossible to stop eating!!!

I'll call them Pretzel Kisses since I have no clue what they are called

Ingredients for one batch:
1 bag of Hershey Kisses, original
1 bag of Snyder's Snaps(plain, not butter!)
1 bag of peanut butter M&Ms

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
1. Line cookie sheet with waxed paper
2. Fill liner with rows of pretzels. You will need one pretzel for each Hershey Kiss
3. Place Hershey Kiss on each pretzel. 

4. Put in oven for 4-5 minutes, until Kiss is softened fully, but not melty
5. Place a peanut butter M&M on top of each Kiss and push down lightly.

6. Refrigerate to cool, then slide off the waxed paper into a bowl. Enjoy!

The kids love them, and sneak them out of the refrigerator! I will definitely be making these at Christmastime as well, with red/green M&Ms.

June 15, 2012

Do you have dirty mouth?

I do. I will admit it without thinking twice. I, Mama, have a dirty filthy mouth. My dad has a filthy mouth too, so I'm going to give him the blame for my condition. Never have I ever said a foul word in front of him though, even to this day. My mom is very different(aka cooler) so she was able to handle it. Gosh, some things my sister says in front of mom nowadays makes me cringe! But I try to be more reserved about it. Apparently, I'm not reserved enough though, because now it's seeping into my boys' vocabularies!

My older boy hangs out with my dad often, so he gets the blame for the way he uses his colorful words. But my little one, who just turned 7 over the weekend, well he's surprising me with new words every day! Funny how long ago I thought he'd never speak, but now, watch out! Last week he said:

"We were watching YouTube, and the guy said FUCK, but don't worry, I didn't say it!"

Ahh, he's so cute! I, being the terrible mama that I am, covered my head in hysterics. I have a strong giggle reflex, and I couldn't hold back. He said it again, and then later apologized.

Then this morning, after asking where his brother was, he answered me with, "Oh Shit!". Now what am I supposed to do with that? The teacher in me thinks hey, great job! He's using his words in the appropriate setting! But I know I should be parenting right now. I know if I said those things in front of my parents at that age I'd be punished and bubbling at the mouth.

For now though, I'm going to ride it out. I'm also keeping notes and putting them in his memory box. My mom is going to yell at me for that decision, but fuck that, that shit's funny! :)

June 5, 2012

If things are not going your way, maybe you're going the wrong way!

Did I take a wrong turn somewhere? There's a fork in my road. What now? Is it worth it? Decisions change everything. Follow my gut. Time will tell. Don't worry about what others say. Easier said than done, folks.

I've done my best with this one, I've tried as hard as I could for what feels like a long time. I've had sleepless nights, cried, stressed, yelled. But nothing changes. People and places sometimes just.don't.change. So do I change? Do I change everything I believe in? Dare I conform? No, no, no. Even as I'm typing this I'm shaking my head saying no way. That's not who I am. I was not raised to back down. I stand firm in what I believe.

So did I just answer my own blog thought/question? Am I staying on the fork path I'm already on and fighting for it to go my way? I'm so torn. So confused. So unsure. So....tired.

I guess time will tell on this one, but not a long time, only a week or so. I guess I'll have to just stick it out before knowing which way I'll be going. 

Maybe I should just go directly between the two paths and hope it leads to a beach with umbrella drinks ;)

June 1, 2012

Thank a teacher in your life.

A few weeks ago, there was a ton of Teacher Appreciation Day/Week stuff going on. They asked kids to vote, write about, talk about teachers they enjoy having. It made me think about the teachers I've had over the years.

I remember an assignment in college to thank a teacher we had. I sadly only thought of one teacher I'd thank.  I wrote a  REALLY long letter to a teacher that fostered my love of math. I NEVER HEARD BACK. I know that might sound selfish to ask for a thank you, or even a glad you are doing well, but it pissed me off. So no, I wouldn't thank her again.

But if I had to do the assignment now, long after college, I'd thank someone that I really should have thanked long ago. He was the first principal that took a chance on me before I was even out of grad school. I'm guessing he was just pretty desperate for a teacher so late in the summer, but I went for the interview, and left with the teacher editions for all the math classes I'd be teaching in a few short weeks. 

During the two years I was in his building, I learned many things from him. He kept teachers on their toes. He did his job to the fullest, and it made me want to do my job better. I remember lots of grumbling about how strict he could be, or how grumpy he was, but I knew better. Hanging out in the office during free periods showed me another side of him, and showed me that he really was just doing what he needed to in order to run a tight ship. And having teachers not slack off because he might peek in your classroom window? Well, I don't really see that as a bad thing.

His observations were actual observations, not just a run through a quick checklist just because it was required. I learned from his input, and implemented things he suggested. Again, while others were grumbling, I took the time to learn.

I know he stops by here from time to time to read, so today I say thank you to you, sir. You left a big impact on me, and the way I teach. I promise if I ever get some kind of huge Oprah/Ellen-like thank you in front of millions, I'll be sure they give you a car too....another Jetta perhaps?? :) :)