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They shall be(hopefully?) lazy no more!

My kids are lazzzzzy. There's really no way to say that nicely, it's just a fact. They like to sit on the couch, watch tv, and if they could, I'm sure they would ring a bell for me to bring snacks. What am I to do? 
I know it's partially mostly my fault. I've babied them to what seems like a point of no return. We are Italian, and they are mama's boys! I know in hindsight they should have had more responsibility early on, but I must just go forward from here. I should have known what kind of enabler of lazy I would be by looking at my dog. She never learned any tricks, and she's at a point in her life now where we carry her up and down stairs inside and outside, and she is totally spoiled. Oh, maybe that's a better word than lazy? Spoiled?
Well the buck stops here kiddies. Mama is already on top of things using my trusty old pal Pinterest. I'm gathering some great ideas for helping around the house, chores, and something I should have figured out long…