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My Favorite U2 Song. Ever.

Walk On

And love is not the easy thing
The only baggage you can bring...
And love is not the easy thing...
The only baggage you can bring
Is all that you can't leave behind

And if the darkness is to keep us apart
And if the daylight feels like it's a long way off
And if your glass heart should crack
And for a second you turn back
Oh no, be strong

Walk on, walk on
What you got, they can't steal it
No they can't even feel it
Walk on, walk on
Stay safe tonight...

You're packing a suitcase for a place none of us has been
A place that has to be believed to be seen
You could have flown away
A singing bird in an open cage
Who will only fly, only fly for freedom

Walk on, walk on
What you got they can't deny it
Can't sell it or buy it
Walk on, walk on
Stay safe tonight

And I know it aches
And your heart it breaks
And you can only take so much
Walk on, walk on

Home...hard to know what it is if you never had one
Home...I can't say where it is but I know I'm going home
That's where the h…

My Blankie.

I have a Banana Republic sweater that I absolutely love. It's oversized, overly soft, and comforting. The other day I told someone that it was like my security blanket. But then after thinking about that statement, I realized it isn't. My real security blanket hangs in my closet.
My high school boyfriend worked at the Gap. That was way back when the Gap was considered the 'expensive store' to shop at, but he got a good discount. I got some great clothes that I had for years, and sometimes I'd steal stuff from his closet. One thing in particular was a sweatshirt. A vibrant green, plain ol' sweatshirt. That was 18 years ago.
That sweatshirt was worn all through high school, then came to college with me. During those few years away from home, it was comforting to have something to remember home and friends. When I had finals or stressful projects, I'd chew on the cuffs a bit. If I had a bad day or was sick, I'd go to the dorm, put it on, and crawl into bed. …

Sweet Salty Heaven!

Were the M&M people inside my head at some point in my life? Musta been, because they finally combined what I always hoped for. A lovely little pretzel surrounded by a delicious, chocolate candy coating. Stumbled upon them at CVS yesterday and enjoyed trying them. I try not to buy stuff like this too often(excluding goldenberg peanut chews since I have a severe addiction), but I do hope they stick around for a while:)

When I was young we called them thongs!

I'm sure most of you will be nodding your heads and agreeing with me through most of this post. Old Navy flip flops may be one of the best inventions of the last decade. At 2/$5 ($3.50 if you want metallic!), why would you not own every single color they make?

I live in flip flops from March to at least late September(I REFUSE to put on anything else in that time frame!). I remember my first year I had a black pair and a white pair. The next year I grabbed 3 or 4 more. But by the next summer, I was buying colors I never thought I'd see on my feet, and don't even get me started on the metallics they brought in a few years ago. At a buck a pair more, they are super fancy and comfy!
They take up hardly any room in the closet, they pack into a small spot in your luggage, they clean easily, and if you lose one flop or a whole pair, who cares at that price?
Tomorrow is $1 flip flop day, so I definitely don't recommend you going running out to get them tomorrow if you need them…

Pretty Up for Summer!!

Summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to find those products that will help us look our best without emptying our wallets! I’d like to take a minute now to share with you some of my favorite spring/summer girly products that will keep you looking fresh and fun this season!

I've always used Suave shampoos. I like the one that is 'if you like Biolage try me', and I love their 2 in1 shampoo/conditioner for those hurried mornings. But this new line is wonderful. Wonderful like $20 shampoo at only $2ish a bottle. This specific one is Shea Butter and Almond, and leaves your hair soft, smooth, and shiny. Not to mention it smells awesome, and really is great for after a day at the beach or tanning.  Available at most drug stores/walmart/target.
Mascara as all of us ladies know is a tricky, tricky buy. You study the brushes, the colors. Do I want plump?  How about some volume? Length? Conditioning? Ugh, just make my lashes look like that magazine picture! There's one ot…

Little League Mama?

My oldest decided this spring that he's finally ready to try out a sport. Not the most athletic child in the world, but was willing to give it a go. Got the flyer for little league sign-ups, and he immediately said yes. Hooray! Mama is ready!
I always knew I wanted my boys to play baseball. Not soccer, not basketball, definitely not football(thanks to watching my nephew get hurt too often!) But baseball, the all-American boy sport, yea, that's the one for us. We've had a handful of practices and a few games. While he is one of the youngest on the team, and adjusting to all the new rules/friends/etc, he's truly enjoying himself. Sure, he strikes out and picks flowers in the outfield like every other 6 year old does when they start. But he's making new friends, enjoying something new, and getting fresh air! Good deal all around. I look forward to the rest of our baseball season, and hopefully many years to come of baseball. If they don't want to play, I guess that&#…


Name: Zoe Mama Wallace Nicknames: ZoZo, Pupper Woofington Age: 13 Breed: Shorthaired Standard Dachshund
AKA: doxie, hot dog, weiner Color: Red Favorite Foods: pasta, meatballs, turkey, peppers. Likes: sniffing around the yard, barking at squirrels/deer/turkeys, burrowing under blankets, attacking stuffed animals. Dislikes:cucumbers, taking walks, riding in the car, kids trying to ride her like a horse.
She's my first dog ever, and I couldn't ask for a better. I'd love it if she'd bark less, but she's still my furry baby:)

Yup, Go Ahead, Call Me a Dork.

Hmmm, not really sure how to start this post. It's a tad super nerdy, and some of you won't believe it. Some of you cringe at the thought of having to do it, never want to see it again once out of school, and certainly don't want to help your kids with it. But that's why there's people like me in the world!
I love math! I love numbers! I love everything that can be done just by using numbers. I love solving logic puzzles, word problems, quadratic equations, and everything in between. I took every math class available at college at the time, and probably should have gotten my Master's in math instead of reading, but oh well.
Most importantly these days, I love being able to share my love of math with the kids at school Sure some of them 'like' math, but to really love it, they have to have a reason to love it. By using some awesome projects with things they are interested in, they realize that it's not the suckiest subject, they can excel in it, and ev…

Amazing Long Term Memory Backfires on Mama

My older son has a memory like I've never seen. 'Hey Ma, remember that time when I was two...' or 'Two summers ago when I went for that walk....' are really common sentences for him. Today's was fun too, 'I remember the first time I ate a turkey sandwich. It was March 5th last year.' Myea, ok! Anyway, digressing. A sentence I said to him when he was 3(and probably just to get him to zip his lip!) was: "yes Chris, when you turn 7 I will let you get a fish." Well my friends, that time has come, and the boy with the memory is cashing in.
I'm trying to convince him how silly it would be to have a fish. We have a great dog, we didn't do well with the guinea pig, and ultimately it will be my responsibility. But I PROMISED. Grrr, it's all on me. Then I tried to get him to go for a hermit crab instead. I figured a bit less cleaning, and more portable if we go out of town. Please correct me if I'm wrong with that thought!
Anyway, now eit…