September 12, 2013

Me -n- Google

I noticed the weirdest thing this morning. When I went onto Google to find some information, I found myself automatically typing in "Should I.....". I stopped after the results came up and though 'wth, when did I trust Google so much to ask it's OPINION on matters of life?' Sure, I love Google... we get along well. I am a pretty rad searcher gal, and always find what I need. But this is a way deeper relationship with Google than I planned on having.

Do I not value people's opinions enough so I ask a search engine? Do I just need some affirmation of my own decisions? Am I just that naive? Not really sure. She(yes, my Google is a she) did give me the results I was hoping looking for, but I'm not sure if I trust her. I'm sure she could have given me lots of results on both sides of the fence, but she went with all the positive ones as her top choices. Is Google now in the business of just pleasing me and telling me what I want to hear?

I don't want my bad choice to ask Google her thoughts to effect our relationship. I am going to really try to make a conscious effort to just stick to fact-based searching, and not ask what she thinks. Besides, any time I ask for opinions from others, I don't really take them into account anyway(well except my guy of course). I beat to my own drum, and make my own decisions(I feel a theme in my posts lately?).

So Google, please don't think I'm being rude. I don't want to break up, but I do want to just be fact-friends. I don't like you like you or need you to say what I want to hear. I hope you can respect this, and give me the information I need, not want. :)

September 11, 2013

Fell in a hole, and happy I did :)

My days are different lately. I will spare you all the drab details, but what I will say is how life can change in the blink of an eye(yes, literally). I'm not a good decision maker, and have been known to make my fair share of lousy ones. But what I can say on the flip side, is that even if I make a crap decision, I somehow, always dig myself out of the hole I got into, and come out clawing and stronger.

That's how I feel today. That's how I've felt for a few weeks now. Shit, I'm in a hole. A big hole. A hole that I didn't fall into, I actually jumped in. My best move? Some would say absolutely, positively not. I (not today but at times) say hell yes. If you don't change and take a leap sometimes, how does life move forward? Isn't that why they call it a 'leap of faith'?

You might not have my back this time, or during some of my previous decisions, and that's ok. There have been times I was on the outside looking in on someone, just shaking my head in disbelief of his/her decisions. But our job as friends/coworkers/family/whoever, is to just watch. Sure, offer support or help if you have any, but if not, just hush. I know it's silly but I really tell my kids the good ol' line from Bambi all the time: 'If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.' I think adults need to hear that more than kids do.

I'm a fighter. I like challenges. If you don't like what I do, or how I go about things, then get out of my way. I have mountains to move, and no time for anyone standing in my way!

September 9, 2013

Summer doesn't have to be a countdown to school! (never posted!)

**DISCLAIMER!** Sometimes I use the blogging app, and apparently this never posted:( Enjoy anyway, even though it mentions summer, it's still a great thought for every day with our children!

I've been busy really enjoying my summer with the boys home. And I just finished reading my blog book! I've been trying to read a few books a week, but so far have been disappointed with every one I've gotten through. What are you reading right now?

Back to our summer. When the boys were smaller, I have to admit, I was not a hands-on summer mom. I would do the daily routine and duties that were associated with having small people(fed them, took them to the park, play dates), but I never really jumped into the summer with them. A few years ago I learned the importance of being really present with them. Not on the phone, not texting or watching tv, just with them. I've learned to take them fishing, to the beach for the day, hiking, or just play board games with them. I know it sounds fairly simple, but if you have growing children that are 'bored' during the dog days of summer, then you probably realize how difficult it really is.

It might take some work and getting used to, but I promise it's worth the effort to take that time with your children. There are no emergencies around the house: laundry can wait a little longer, dust won't hurt anyone for another few hours. Some day they will all be busy and not want to spend so much time with us, so the time is now.

Try it! Even if you can only do it 1-2 days a week, it will make a difference. And it makes the day go by faster(and with less fighting!). It's all about the memories we make, one of the best gifts we can give them for later in life.


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