I've been driving for 19 years!

My dad has a habit of buying a new car every year(used to be every six months!) and I think I got that habit. I've tried to stretch it to every 2-3 years at this point in life, but I'm thinking if I get back into a comfy place in life money-wise, I'll be right back to it. Here's a look back at some of my cars....
My first car was a 1979 VW Rabbit in poo brown. My dad and I sanded it down and took it for a $99 Maaco paint job. I chose turquoise. Horrid. We called it the blue dot special after that. I loved that car.
My next baby was a 1987 Mercury Lynx. I liked this car, had much more room than the VW. I had an accident on the way to school one morning(rear ended my friend's mom!) and my punishment was to pay off the damage repair. I came home from work one day and the car was gone, dad sold it. Apparently when you go to college you don't need a car. :/
My 1993 Geo Tracker, by far my favorite to that point, and my friends will all tell you it was fun! Top down, music up, good times. The snow up at college was no match for Barbie.
Got home from college, got engaged, got a job, decided I'd be cool and get a new car. I chose the coolest at the time, a brand new 2000 Subaru Impreza RS. I LOVED driving her. Got lots of double takes driving her. Needless to say, I bit off more than I could chew and couldn't afford her, so she was gone too soon.
Got a friend to buy my Subaru, and paid me in money and this cute little 1993 Eagle Talon TSI. Hardly drove it, because I was already off to New Hampshire to buy the one below.
Another Eagle Talon TSI, but this one was a quick gal. I still remember pulling into a deli parking lot, and boys started to come over to 'car talk'. When they saw me get out they were shocked I was a girl, and asked twice if it was really my car. Yes boys, she drives a stick and she drives it quickly ;)
I loved that Talon, but she got sick, and I traded the two Talons in for a new 2001 Nissan Sentra. My first 4 door car and it was kinda nice to be able to put my stuff on the back seat with such ease! She got sideswiped by a sleepy driver, but we were safe. After too many bad rains and a move to PA, we realized she couldn't stand up to the weather conditions.
So back to four wheel drive for me. My 2002 Kia Sportage. Eh, honestly I can't say anything bad about it, but it was a bit small, and when you're dad surprises you with a new car you don't say no, so....
I got my Subaru Impreza wagon, maybe 2001, as I was pregnant with my first and needed a safe mom-mobile. This was a super car, fit everything nicely, comfy, loved it.
But, it really only fit one child well, so I got a 2003 Subaru Forester. Love love loved my Forester! She was racking up the miles, and being spoiled she left me too soon as well.
After much deliberation, silly me traded my Forester for a new 2010 Nissan Rogue. It had some great features, was roomy, and had my first sunroof! But at about 3500 miles she had a transmission problem, and that told us what we could probably expect from her in the future, and I wanted her gone.
And so I came back to a Subaru Forester, a 2010. What a beauty. She should have come along instead of the Rogue, but you live and learn I suppose. We've been through alot me and this gal, and she's been great to me. I plan to keep her for a while. Well, as of now I do. I already know what I'd like next, but you'll just have to wait and see :)

**** UPDATE ****
Here's my new gal.....kept my Forester, but she was lonely in the garage....

**** UPDATE AGAIN! ****
No more Forester, but kept the Jeep. Now I'm driving the Mazda CX-9. A total gas guzzler, but SO comfy, and really fits our needs size wise!
You won't believe this but *gasp* I bought another Forester. Burgundy, BUT with all the options I wanted, 6spd was not available. I should have known right then and there it would not be a fit for me, but I took it anyway. And kept it for mmm like 4 months.
Last but not least, I now have a black Explorer. I was SO hesitant to get it, mostly because of how large it is, but O M G do I LOVE IT! It has 3rd row seating, kids all fit, no one argues for space. It's comfy, it has pep, great it all weather, and I couldn't be happier with it. Hey, I've had it for over a year now, so that says alot! :) 


  1. Hey,

    This post was a cool delivery! I never realized that the Subaru was a lady friendly vehicle. They always struck me as a guy type of car. So how did that 2000 Impreza really drive? Was the gas mileage decent? How about the top speed and acceleration? They're one of my favorite foreign makes and models, actually. Oh, and hard to imaging that the Nissan Rogue had a tranny issue so early in it's life. Maybe it's a new thing with the new generation of Nissans.

  2. Well, wow, you have a pretty neat hobby! Seriously, it's pretty cool that you got to drive different kinds of cars. You and your dad must have a lot of fun on the road.

    -Ellsworth Mciltrot

  3. Man, 19 years is pretty long in driving years. It's impossible to know the exact amount of hours we spent during that time, but it is fun to remember the cars we drive, right? From the looks of it, you still have a long life ahead of you, when it comes to driving.

  4. A Subaru-aficionado, I see. =D I honestly like the 2000 Subaru Impreza RS. It’s very sporty. Not too fancy, but it has enough style to make people turn their heads once it passes by them.

    Sebastian Gaydos

    1. Thanks Sebastian! Yes, I definitely enjoyed the head turning in the RS at that age :)


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