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My Favorite Auction Find...

So, we went to this interesting auction over the weekend. Apparently it's held once a month, and it's 'silent'. No screaming and yipping bids, simply people with tiny mini golf pencils scrambling back and forth and grumbling about outbidding each other. Different. Strange. And awesome.
We came home with some fun trinkets. A gumball machine, a drum set for my boy's birthday, some figurines, and this. This neat box that caught my eye during the last few minutes of the auction. People were fighting over some jewelry crap, so of course I had to get close enough to see what was going on. But as I did, I saw this sad little box. The tag said "Old Carnival Toy" and there was only one bid placed for $3. I've seen them before, not sure where, but I like them. So I bid $5. And won. Here's an crummy video I took so you can see.

You simply turn the box over a few times and set it down. The sand inside creates the motion you see. It sits on my work desk, and I m…