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The hotter the better!

I haven't posted any recipes in a while. A year or two ago I think I had a new one up each week, as I was busy experimenting in my kitchen all the time. But these days I've been sticking to a lot of standard recipes for dinner that are already in my pocket. I do however, continue to try new appetizer recipes, because that's the 'meal' we enjoy the most on weekends. I want to share a super yummy one with you today, and it will definitely be served during Super Bowl this year! If you don't like jalapenos, perhaps you can try it with sweet peppers. Not really sure, we love to eat hot, so I haven't tried them any other way!
Jalapeno 'Poppers'
4oz cream cheese
1 1/2 cup shredded cheddar
3-4 pieces cooked bacon
12 jalapenos

1. Clean and cut jalapenos lengthwise(I wear gloves)
2. Combine cheeses and crumbled bacon
3. Boil jalepenos 5-10 minutes (the longer you cook them, the less hot they will be)
4. Fill jalapenos, bake at 400 degrees for 5-…

Hi, My name is Allison, and I have a Pinterest problem...

....A big Pinterest problem. Like wake up and grab the iPad before coffee kinda problem. Like lay in bed at night and torture my guy by showing him things I'm pinning kinda problem. It was dormant when the site first started, I signed up the day it launched, but only in the last few months has it truly interfered with life.

I know deep down some of you have this problem too. I want to share with you the red flag, early warning signs that you too may be at risk. I know I have a Pinterest problem because:
The only reason I have crayons is to melt them.

Weekly trips to Hobby Lobby cost me considerably more than they should.

The food shopping list revolves around new pinned recipes.

Friends that don't pin look at me like I'm crazy.

Hours blend into each other, and there's 10 lists open on the iPad app that I've been browsing non-stop.

My next baby would be announce by cutting into a cake for the color.

I start a lot of sentences with 'I saw this thing on Pinterest....'…


With a little more spring in my step lately, a little more organization in my life, and a whole lot of love, I feel I finally have time to come back to my blog. I love my blog. I miss my blog. It not only helps me to think things through, but I feel it's a great way to capture thoughts and memories for my boys(now to only figure out how to save the whole blog!).

I saw many people on Facebook doing a daily 'what I'm thankful' for leading up to Thanksgiving. Kinda sad that people have to wait until November to think about it, talk about it, and most importantly tell others how thankful they are to have them around. I try to do it often nowadays. Knowing where my life was 4 or 5 years ago, and where and who I am today, well it's just plain super. I knew I'd be able to dust myself off, I knew I'd be able to move forward for the sake of my boys if nothing else, but I never thought I'd be this far ahead.

*I'm obviously oh-so-thankful for my boys. They hel…