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Chocolate, Rides, & Heatstroke, Oh My!

I was nervous about taking the kids to Hersheypark yesterday. You just never know from one year to the next how they are going to react. Then of course you have that awful moment when one wants to go on a ride and gets the bad news. "Sorry buddy, you're just not tall enough this year." But, this year we did great! The kids were both big enough for a wide enough variety of rides, and my little Alex was a powerhouse. Other than the wait time on some lines(which we could have skipped with him but I chose not to), he did great. Even took him on a roller coaster!

What a great way to kick off what promises to be our best summer as a family yet. :)

My Life in a Song

My 8th graders are definitely starting to get spring fever and cannot wait to be done with school. Unfortunately for them, there's still plenty of work to be done! One thing we need to do is a writing assignment for the fourth quarter.

I thought about it for days, and sat on the internet for hours at a time. How many research papers and stories can you have them write? But then, I found a great assignment! "The Theme Song of Your Life". Students are to choose a song for its lyrics, and tell how the song pertains to their last year at our school. It can show any range of emotions they choose, and they have to choose a line from the song to relate to. How great is that?
After I gave them the assignment they seemed pretty excited to get started. So today they came over to the computer lab to start looking for songs. Then someone finally asked me, "Mrs. Wallace, what would you choose as your song?" Crap. No Clue. I love music more than anything, but it's too hard…

A big sigh of relief...ahh....

For many months now I've been dying to write about the surprise party my sisters and I were planning for our mom. Here and there I'd have something to discuss of interest. But, I couldn't because I never knew if my mom would stumble onto my bloggity blog somehow!

Saturday was the big day, 65th surprise, and she really did have no clue. We had a great time, paid for it dearly on Sunday, and can't wait to develop a mountain of disposable cameras!

I'm glad it worked out so great, and now I'm glad that it's over. So hard to keep such a big secret! It's like I can breathe a little better...not such a big weight on my shoulders :)

Keeping It Real

Ok, so M&M tagged me in this silly blog game, my first ever! Here's the rules:
-Take a picture of yourself RIGHT now.
-No primping or preparing.
-Just snap a picture.
-Load the picture onto your blog.
-Tag some people to play.

I'm actually up and dressed even though we don't have school today. We are off to run some errands in a few minutes, so I was ok taking a picture:) I did learn a few things as I did it though: I need a haircut, threading of eyebrows is still the best invention ever, and my iPhone does really take crappy pics.

I tag the following to now join in the fun!
- Angie's Blog
-Shoreline View

Have a great day!

What goes around does not come around!

Karma: action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation

Now anyone that knows me knows that I'm not the most religious, believing person in the world. I try to be, I want to do better with that part of my life, but right now it's just not working out. I even try to read some other blogs that have more of a religious theme to them to gain a better perspective and understanding. But karma is an idea that I've always thought makes alot of concrete sense. Let me rephrase that. Karma was an idea that I used to think made alot of concrete sense. Now I just have no clue which end is up in life.

How is it that some people can do such great things in their life, only to have everything just taken away in an instant? One minute life is picture perfect, the next minute there's total chaos and everything is horribly wrong? I've been dealing with this pertaining to a few different topics in my life for a little ove…

Educational Crossroad

For the last two years or so I've been going back and forth trying to decide if I should pursue another Master's Degree or not. I've had plenty on my plate during that time, but I always felt like it was something I still needed to do in life. Time and money have been the two biggest factors of why I have not done it. Yet.
I'm at a crossroad now. I'll be done with my teaching position this June, as I'm just a leave replacement right now. Being my first year back to work after six years of being home, it fit our schedule perfectly. But of course all good things must come to an end. So now the question is, what next? Do I look for another job? Do I substitute for another year? Try to start up that business I've been tossing around for a while now? Or do I stay home and take online classes towards the degree?
I've always had a hard time with decisions of any kinds, so these big ones are no different for me. At least I've narrowed down the degree optio…

Here comes Peter Creepytail

I just don't understand the fascination with the Easter Bunny. Sure there are some pretty ones in the malls, but really? A ginormous bunny? This pic was taken this weekend on a bunny train ride. I cropped out my younger son not only because I like to keep my kids out of the blog, but also because of the look of fear in his eyes. 'Holy crap, look at this big fluffy thing waving at me and trying to take a picture with me.' Just not right.
Yes yes, we do the whole easter egg/basket bit(but not the egg coloring, I just can't stand it), but I still wish we could just keep the strange mythical bunny out of a religious holiday for once. Happy Easter!

What's in your wash?

We've all seen those little boys on tv that are told to empty their pockets. Anything and everything you can think of comes flying out. I never thought that was possible in real life. Kids just don't pick up that kind of stuff. Do they?

Yesterday as I pulled the wash out of the dryer, I had a few momentos left behind from my 5 year old. The contents of my dryer were as follows:
- variety of boys' clothing - one fluff sheet - one marble - two tissues, crumpled - one magnetic letter - one penny - one candy wrapper
I'm sure it could be much worse, and this is only the beginning of my mystery washes:)

Whistle while you work...

I've been whistling since I was a little more than 2 years old. My dad's side of the family is very musical, and to me this is just one form of being a musician. My dad is a great whistler too, and the strangest part is when we whistle together it sounds exactly alike. It's like one whistle, super strange.

I find myself whistling many times throughout any given day, and it really can help someone feel out my mood. Since many different types of music are part of my life, I whistle anything from country to disco to r&b. I can even remember being at my job in high school and having an old lady tell me to stop whistling because it's not lady-like. I'm pretty sure I said something in return that wasn't lady-like either! :)
Recently I discovered there is an annual whistling competition. I finally got a chance to go on their site today, only to find out that it's in 2 weeks and there is a huge wait list just to enter. So I now have 11.5 months to train for next…

World Autism Day....

Image today. It's one of those days of the year when I feel a ton of different emotions all at once. So for right now I'll just say my usual. Support. Educate. Advocate.