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Pretty, Pretty, Pretty.

Unlike the other Allison blogger I know, I don't try to find sensible solutions to my shopping habits. I just go for the gold, and in this case...the gold shoes! I don't own any gold shoes, and these seem like a perfect, not too expensive addition to my collection. As usual, well done Mr. Kors, well done.

Home again, home again....

Today was my first day home full-time after subbing for 4 months straight. I have to say, I'm thrilled! My house was starting to show the wear and tear of neglect, laundry has piled, bills were being forgotten, and dinner was a once a week treat. I've decided to take this week off as my 'vacation', but will be back in the full swing of full-time momming next week. I did enjoy working, and do enjoy teaching, but I now realize I'm meant to be home, even just for a few more months(or years!)

Hope everyone had a relaxing, love-filled Mother's Day. I got the best Ugg slippers ever, and a date with my best friend for the spa next Sunday ALL DAY. How great are my boys? Can't top it for Father's Day though.