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Take time to watch the snowflakes fall!

We all know I dislike snow. Strongly. I didn't grow up in an area where we got tons of snow each winter, and I was just fine with that. Now as a grownup, from Halloween til Easter I get to watch the snow fall. Constantly. Don't worry, I didn't change my mind about going outside to play in it, I'll leave that to the boys. But I've grown to enjoy the beauty of it. From inside.
Working from home has a million perks as I'm sure you can imagine. But one thing it does not always allow, is that outdoor time, even if it's just to and from the work parking lot. I used to work up in my little office, with my tiny window, and just focus in the corner all day. This year though, I've decided to spend most of my days at the dining room table. In front of the huge window. Sure, it's cold on days like today, but for me, it's a great way to feel a bit more productive.  And not only does it give me a fun little chatting point with students to see where else in PA …

Dancin' my morning away!

Totally random post considering how long I've been gone, but I LOVE this song. So cute, so fun, so true! xoxo