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Found this post from the fall....

....unfinished! The aftermath of the hurricane that left us powerless for over a week took a toll on my sanity. I guess enough that I couldn't even remember to post this post! :)

When Mama Bears Attack..

I'm having a rough go lately, readers. I'm going through a big 'when it rains, it pours' situation with my boys and school. I have always been a vocal involved parent, and I assumed as they got older, it would get easier. Wrong-o! I am in the thick of it now more than ever. And strangely enough, the older grade teachers don't seem used to involved parents, nor do they seem comfortable with it. Well wake up educators, this Mama refuses to back down. Why has it become such a comfortable norm for teachers to think it's ok to make choices for students without consulting parents? I shouldn't say teachers, I should say people that work in a school building. From secretaries, to guidance counselors, to even the nurses, we have seen a breakdown of home to school communication like I could have never imagined. I GIVE you my children to educate them during the day. I TRUST you to do what's best for them. I EXPECT to be told when there's something off, or somet…