Boys. Smell.

Yup....the truth hurts sometimes folks. But if you have any boys(or big guys!) in your home, you know the idea behind my title all too well. Whether they are playing rough, working hard, or just plain hanging around, boys smell. And not only do they smell, but they have the ability to smell up any area they have been in.

Living with no other girls, I've gotten used to the certain smells that come along with owning boys. But now that I'm a single lady homeowner, I've decided I'd like my home to be a bit more....girly. I want it to look a bit more girly, and more importantly, smell more girly. 

How you ask? I do love Yankee Candles, and they are great for a background smell. You know the kind, the get a whiff every once in a while kind. Nope, not good enough. I've purchased other candles, cleaners, sprays, only to find they last a short, short time. Until now...Febreze, I've never been a huge fan of yours until now!

I remember buying some Febreze when it first came out, and it just had that certain smell, and it was more of a cover-up than a pleasant aftermath. But now they've come out with Air Effects. The label says it gets rid of odor rather than cover it, and I'm here to say it does!! Sometimes when you use a spray, you smell the spray and the underlying smell right? Well no more with Air Effects. The smell is gone, and the Febreze flavors are fantastic! I just bought Limited Edition Cranberries & Frost scent. Yum, yum, yum. When choosing it and spritzing in the aisle of Walmart there were some great ones to choose from, but this was just the winter freshness my home needed.  I can't wait to try some other scents come spring!

So if you have boys, pets, or any other funkiness that you just can't part with in your home, please try this spray. Mama tested and approved! :)


  1. We buy this in bulk and keep it in the bathroom. I can't imagine ever using anything else!


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