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Too Hot to Crochet, But....

I have to get started. And even if I do start this week, there really is no guarantee I'll be done before Christmas! I've been eyeing this tree skirt for about 3 years now, but with all the friends having babies, then doing all the etsy stuff last year, I just couldn't get it started. But today may be the day! It's not really complicated, more time consuming than anything. So stay tuned for progress reports and either a completed project post at some point, or more likely a defeated crocheters block post:)

Dear Santa....

Yes, I know you are on vacation right now, and I know it's 80 degrees and as humid as can be. But this year I'm asking big, so I figured you may need a little extra time to prep for my gift. I want said item below, just as shown, in Surf Blue. Thank you in advance. Sincerely, Mama.

The Fractions of a Negative Thinker.

Optimism:hopefulness and confidence about the future or successful outcome of something.
Sadly, I'm a real half glass empty kind of gal. Always have been. Not sure why. I had a good upbringing. Good family, nice home in a nice neighborhood, plenty of friends, good health. Yet, I never saw the positive side of life.
Then, around the time I finished college and got married, my glass was a little more than half empty. Life changing things were happening all around me to those I loved, and there was nothing I can do for any of them. The glass was at about a quarter full.
Now as a grown woman, smart mama of 2 super kiddies, I find myself once again looking at things pessimistically. Why me? How did I wind up here? How did I let this happen? What now? I can't do it. I won't do it. I'm not as strong as people think I am. My glass is now about an eighth full.
I have some super positive people in my life, and that helps a little. I like seeing that happy, easily positive outlook. B…

Hey Hey NaySayers

Multiple mouths told me a few years ago that my boy wouldn't talk. They'd say he can't hear, of course he can't talk. Mother's intuition knows best, and this mama knew that they were all wrong. I'm just here today to say Suck It NaySayers! The boy will be 5 this week...talking, laughing, and better yet, starting to read sight words.

Sticky Saturday


Freebie Friday!

Sorry I haven't put up freebies in a while, but here's some great ones this week. And of course don't forget today is FREE DONUT DAY!!
I'm most excited about this one this week. I'm ready to paint my walk in closet something exciting and new so I sent for 2 FREE Glidden Paint Samples!

I love all Aveeno products so was excited to find a sample of Shampoo and Conditioner.

Walmart has a Free Sample of Cottonelle

How about some free Moist Sure Hand Sanitizer? Perfect for summer outings!


To Venture or Not to Venture...

...that is the question. Being an out of work teacher can be very stressful. Knowing that you have all this education under your belt, love the job, and are good at the job, makes it suck even more. This area is overwhelmed with teachers, and it's all who you know. So perhaps it's time for a new line of work. Or better yet, perhaps it's time for a business venture.
How do I take that jump to the unknown in the business world? Where do I start? What if I fail? These are the most common questions in my head. But as life has changed alot lately, I'm starting to trying to look at things in a more optomistic manner. New questions like 'when can I start?' and 'how will it improve our community?' are seeping into my vocabulary. Not to mention excitement, curiousity, and wonder of the unknown.
Should Mama take the leap and try something exciting and new? Should she just stick to her day job and substitute teach for the rest of her days? The answer my friends.....…