'Turn' the day around for some giggles!

My mind is ALWAYS going. Probably why I don't sleep all that much. But lately it's usually just thinking of things to do with the boys. Fun, inexpensive things that will create some great memories for them. So today, Backwards Day was born.

I sometimes make chocolate chip pancakes for dinner since I know they both like them. With a side of bacon. Simple and filling, score. So as I thought of making that for tonight, I realized breakfast would be at dinner time, so why not dinner at breakfast time? They came downstairs and the first thing I asked was, "what kind of ice cream would you like? Whipped cream and sprinkles too?" They looked at me like I really lost my mind this time.

But once I explained my plan they were right there with me. They had heaping bowls of ice cream with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles as we waited for the pizza to cook. Then they had two slices each and a glass of soda. It's now 8:30am and they are very full. I'm sure the rest of the day won't be as eventful as the totally silly breakfast, but I did what I set out to do. Hear them laugh, see them have fun, and make a memory, and perhaps even a new tradition.

Next weekend I think we will picnic on the porch.


  1. that is FUN! You know one of the silly things I remember from my childhood is my parents making EVERYTHING we ate on St. Patrick's day green. eggs, mashed potatoes, milk, etc. EVERYTHING. It was so fun for my brother and I. :) These silly things are really what stick in our minds. Have fun for the rest of backwards day--you gonna dress backwards too? hahaha.

  2. Those boys are so incredibly lucky to have you as their Mama. You're doing such a wonderful job with them. I am proud to have you as my friend.

  3. You guys are the best. ((hugs))


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