Sad Ass Christmas Songs.

Bah Humbug! Now I know I can't be the only person that feels this way. Christmas has gone from the best day of the year with so much family piled into the house that you can't breathe, to omg is it over yet? Maybe it has come with age for me, maybe it's being so far away from family year round, maybe it's the fact that it's always Christmas in my house, who knows. Whatever it is though, I can tell you nothing can make the Humbugging worse than some sad ass Christmas songs. So in no particular order I thought I'd share a few of my favorites. Why six? No good reason other than these are the ones that came right to mind.

Blue Christmas by Elvis
This cd has been a staple in my life forever. I have a special place in my heart for Elvis, so his holiday stuff is no different. This one is somber, catchy, and bluesy.

Same Old Lang Syne by Dan Fogelberg
At least 90% of my friends can relate to this song whether they want to admit it or not. To bump into someone, usually when you're at a low, and be able to reminisce and think what life could have been. Sigh....

Please Come Home for Christmas by the Eagles
Sure, the lyrics for this one are undoubtedly a downer, but it's actually the tune that gets me on this one. Strangely I dance in the kitchen to this one with my little guy, but I always tear up the whole time.

Celebrate Me Home by Kenny Loggins
I do get to go home every year for Christmas Eve, but Christmas Day does usually put me way down. This kind of song always makes me want to just jump in the car and speed on home.

Miss You Most at Christmastime by Mariah Carey
Some songs you just relate to something. Well actually I do that with almost every song. Anyway, this one relates to my first Christmas with out my grandpa. Too difficult to even write about, but I usually don't even make it through the whole song.

I'll Be Home for Christmas by Frank Sinatra
There are tons of versions of this, but Frank's deep, heartfelt version gives it the feeling I believe it's meant to have. At college around finals time, I always got itchy to go home, knowing I was missing all the pre-holiday festivities. This tune had me crying from Oneonta to at least Roscoe, even though I knew I was on my way home:)

I know there are more, but those are my top tissue users. No, Christmas Shoes is not on my list. I never liked it, it's almost overly done to me, but to each her own I suppose.

What's on your list?


  1. one of my favorites i don't even know the name of! It's by the waitresses and its all about spending christmas alone then going to the super market and running into a cute guy.... lol! Catchy tune though!


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