What if you won?

Here in Pennsylvania we have a PowerBall drawing on Wednesday and again on Saturday. I've never been one for lottery tickets, but when I started working in September, I figured I'd splurge. Then one night I dreamt numbers, and since then I've been hooked. A few tickets twice a week can't hurt, right?

I saw Wednesday's numbers yesterday, and that reminded me to check my losing tickets as usual. I pulled the numbers up on my phone this morning and started reading them against my ticket. Holy crap I have the PowerBall number! That's $3 in my pocket, yea! Oh wait, I have another number....and another number....and ANOTHER number! That's when I got that feeling, you know, the heart palpatations and the thoughts of collapsing. Immediately I'm scrambling on their website to see how much I've won. $100! Sure, I could have gotten another number and bumped up to $10,000. But hey, it's $100 more than I had this morning when I woke up!!!

So that fun-filled experience got me thinking...what would I really do if I won? Not even the big money, even just one million? Here are a few of the many things I'd consider using my dough on:

1. New cars for hubby and me. A bit wasteful, but you have to have at least one splurge!
2. I'd open that coffee/cupcake shop I've always dreamed of.
3. I'd help my sister out however I could.
4. I'd send my brother-in-law to China whether he likes it or not(he'll be my next post so you'll understand better later).
5. Splurge on something really fun for the kids. Not sure what, but they deserve some fun too!

Sure, I could save for college, buy a new house, vacation. All in good time, and after some on my savings accrue interest. These would just be my starters.

What would you do? :)


  1. I posted awhile go what I would do if I had tons of money ~ start a clinic that included all services, anyway I thought it was a great idea.

  2. Yay for you! Congrats on your winnings! That's aweosme! :)

    If I won a million, I'd pay off Sallie Mae, upgrade on vehicles and find a house that we fit in. Then a quick trip to Italy before Mark and I opened a little wine boutique. ;) The rest goes to the kids...particularly making sure that Lucycakes never has to rely on a government program to maintain her independence.


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