My sweet, sweet porch

I was going to walk about my great walk this afternoon. First long walk of the year. 50 degrees here, highly unusual for March. Some years we are still getting snow in April!

But then when I got back from my walk, I let the dog out of the house and parked myself on one of our rockers. And just sat. And rocked. And listened to the birds... the only noise you'll hear around here unless it's a summer weekend and some neighbors pop in.

We decided to put the porch on the house last summer after thinking about it for three or four years. Even when the guys were working on it I was a bit hesitant. A lot of money, but also I didn't feel we'd get enough use out of it.

I'm here to say now that I love my porch. I look forward to waking up at 5am on late spring/summer mornings and sitting out there with my coffee. I love swinging on the swing with the kids. I love watching them ride their bikes up and down the long stretch. I love staring into the woods and thinking about absolutely nothing. I love the way it makes the house look so warm and inviting as you drive up. Typical Cape Cod style home. So next time you're in the woods of the Poconos, stop by for a cup of tea and rock for a while:)


  1. I can't wait. The last time I was there, you were still porchless. As you know, I have a stoop, so I am incredibly envious of your porch. I am glad you were able to enjoy it today! :)


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