Oh Spring, where art thou?

Everyone knows I hate despise winter. From the window? Fine. But having to actually go out and be a part of it? Nah, I'm good. I know this time of year is that last lull before the pop of spring, but I for one might scream very soon if that pop doesn't hurry up

I have plans, Winter! I have wood to stain, porches to sit on, plants to grow. The indoor greenhouse is bursting with garden goodies, ready to have a dirt party. I am indoors all day, usually with the curtains closed for warmth, and am starting to feel a bit vampire-ish. I need air!

Most of all, I need to kids to go outside. They are like caged dogs....not enough room to jump and shoot Nerf darts. I long for the day I can say, 'Just get out!' like I used to. Good times, Spring, good times.

So I beg of you seasons, please stop toying with my sanity and emotions. I see 50 degrees on the horizon for this Saturday. I shall take it, appreciate it, and wear it well. Just make sure it's here to stay!


  1. It's 50+ degrees in Seattle and flowers are blooming, but we never had a winter really. I could use some snow instead of the rain. Wanna trade? ^_^!


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