Bored of Being Bored.

I have a vivid memory in my head from when my niece was about 6 years old(she's 21 now!). We were up at the Cape Cod house, having a lazy day as usual, and she sang:
"I'm bored, I'm so bored. I'm B-O-A-R-D bored!"
So cute. But now, on a daily basis, I hear a similar tune. Every. Day. 

I'm bored.
I have nothing to do.
What should I do?
I'm SO bored.
Today is boring.
There's nothing to do.

ACK! Why, oh why, don't kids realize how wonderful the gift of time is? Of course for myself, to have shh time, to do crafts all day, to watch the news, to even have the extra minutes to deep condition my hair in the shower, would all be a blessing. But instead, I hear the complaints, all day every day, and then the fighting which comes hand in hand with it. 

I guess I assumed that having 2 children would give them the opportunity to always have someone to play with. Wrong-o! It just makes it easier to always have someone to fight with! Fail. I know some people that make a 'I'm Bored' jar, with activities to do, but honestly at their ages, I don't feel like it's my job to constantly entertain them. They are quite capable of heading out in the yard and exploring, getting any supplies they need for a project, or using their gosh-darn imaginations. 

So where does that leave me with four weeks left of the summer? Yes, they have chores, and they whine through them. Yes, they have plenty of 'stuff', that is apparently just way too lame to play with. 

Do they ever think maybe, just maybe, I'm the one who's bored? Sure there are those that would LOVE the opportunity to be home with their kiddies for the summer, but if you're not, there really are no words for the all-day-every-day mundane routine. I for one cannot wait for work and school to start up again!!


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