Ho, Ho, Nooooo!

Why am I being handed Christmas lists already? It's way. Too. Early. I have way bigger things to think about(um wedding in 13 days!), and spending an obscene amount of money on items that wind up sitting in a closet until at least July is not a priority.

I can remember asking for things when I was younger, and getting maybe 1 of the items on my list. My dad would give my mom a very tight budget for Christmas shopping, and she stuck to it. I got some nice items that I still have, but the list was usually out the window. So why is it so different these days?

I find myself making sure I got everything on the lists, and then some. I save up for half a year to top the previous Christmas, and I'm pretty sure the kids now expect it. Which is why this year I'm all about operation 'scale back.' Sure, I was ticked when that Strawberry Shortcake doll wasn't under the tree, but I was grateful for what was. We were taught that you don't get everything you want, and there are going to be disappointments now and again. 

Perhaps it's another area of life where we go too far for our children, myself included. Setting them up to expect too much in life? Then how will they cope when things don't go the way they hope, or they don't get everything their hearts desire? A small dose of disappointment might sound mean, but I say it's healthy in the long run.

I know, I know, easier said than done :)

ps- no lectures on the true meaning of Christmas, or the gift of family and love....I get all that, this is just a ramble about the goods!


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