It's around the corner from Caldor!

Caldor? Do younger, not from the tri-state area kiddos even know what Caldor is? It was a department store of sorts that closed down in the early 90s. Not that you needed to know that, but it might help you understand my post a bit!

Why is it that many people, when giving directions or talking about where something is located, they use landmarks that don't exist anymore? I thought about that the other day when someone asked me where a store was, and I replied, 'next to Ames'. Ames hasn't been in our town in 10 years, yet I assumed they knew where it was, and it was my reference point. I know many other people use it as well, so even if you didn't live here in the time of Ames, you'd know where I meant.

It happens a lot when I talk to people from my hometown too. That makes me wonder it just a way to be nostalgic to how things were growing up? Or if it's someone I used to hang out with, is it a way to bring back memories? "Next to Alexander's", "Around the corner from Caldor",  Tower Records, Service Merchandise or Consumers, I think you get the point! I find myself giving directions or asking where something is by using something that hasn't existed in years. 

The worst part is if you come across a town newbie, and they give me(as someone who is almost never in NY anymore) landmarks that are current, and I have NO CLUE what they are talking about. I'll try reverting back to what I know and ask 'Oh, near Korvette's? I mean Filene's Basement? I mean The Wiz?' and still get nowhere. It makes me a little sad. Sad that cities like where I grew up have changed so much. 

So I guess I answered my own question! Giving directions, getting local info, and using landmarks of years past is a great way to talk about the old days, and relive some great memories! Want to meet up at Adventure's and ride the roller coaster with me? ;)


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